Welding section is fitted with modern equipment, which allows to process steel plates of different thicknesses and perform high quality welding operations.

Following equipment is applied:

  • Semiautomatic welding machines Fronius and Kemppi;
  • Thermal cutting machine “Комета-М”;
  • Thermal and plasma cutting machine Microstep CombiCut 300A;
  • Die shear Н3121;
  • Welding manipulators.

Following operations are performed by welding section:

Production of steel structures

Equipment for metallurgical industry: steel teeming ladle cars, slag cars, ladles, pallet cars, tapphole plugging machines, swing-pressure mechanism, pivot plates.
Lifting equipment: drums, plate hooks, clamshells, beam cranes, beams, tongs, skip winches.  
Building structures: crane girder, pillars.
Different types of reducer bodies
Mining equipment: cooling drums, return cooler.
Pickling baths

Repairs of steel structures and units

Welding repairs of rollers
Welding repairs of running wheels
Repairs of roll mill stand coupling
Repairs of roll mill stand housings
Repairs of body units