Top gas sealing valves and block of bottom valves for PJSC “Azovstal iron and steel works”

Since 2018 MAGMA LLC participates in repairs of PJSC “Azovstal iron and steel works” blast furnace units.

During this period were performed overhauls of bell-less top. Last autumn were MAGMA LLC specialists proposed to revise the existing technical design.  

In march 2021 were shipped two top gas sealing valves and block of bottom valves for PJSC “Azovstal iron and steel works” blast furnace No.3. 

Top and bottom valves of bell-less top act as a regulator sluice or a gate to prevent pressure loss in blast furnace.

The upgrade allows to increase reliability of top and bottom valves produced by Chinese manufacturer and extend overhaul life. The upgrade included replacement of the main units – proppet valve head and valve seat. Contact surfaces of valve head and seat are spherical to provide self-alignment during valve closure. These surfaces are surfaced by durable material (alloy of cupronickel and cast tungsten carbide).

Valve seat is cast, what excludes joint vent, unlike the Chinese manufactured one, where the joint is protected by the removable cap. Special adjusting unit is performed for the fine adjustment.

Valve opening hydraulic drive was also upgraded. In Chinese design each valve is opened by own hydraulic cylinder. This will break the whole blast furnace cycle in case of failure. Installed by MAGMA LLC hydraulic cylinders are interchangeable with the existing ones. Also they are designed in the way that blast furnace will further operate in standard mode even in case of hydraulic cylinder failure.

This way performed activities and engineering principles allow to give a 12 months guarantee, the same as for newly manufactured valve units for blast furnace No.3.

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