Many years’ experience and strong engineering basis allow the company to perform orders on production of any spare parts for metallurgical equipment and general machinebuilding equipment.

Production of spare parts can be performed as per customers drawing so by self-developed documentation.

Production of spare parts:

  • Crane wheels and wheelsets;
  • Axles, shafts, gear-shafts, gear wheels and gear rings;
  • Reducers with cylindrical, bevel and globoid gearing. Spare parts to them;
  • Car pusher movement bogies;
  • Transfercar bogies;
  • Crane trolleys with 2 or 3 rollers;
  • General and intermediate balance beams;
  • Tongs for slabs and coils;
  • Hook assemblies, lifting beams, clamshells;
  • Crane drums, coiler and decoiler drums, blending machine drums;
  • Spindles;
  • Brake pulleys;
  • Charging-box holders;

… and many more…