The main goal

Is to constantly develop its research and production potential, to offer domestic and foreign consumers high-quality and reliable engineering products that meet their requirements and expectations, ensuring sustainable profits and enterprise development.

Main tasks

Strengthening the reputation of a reliable company. fulfillment of obligations to customers, suppliers, employees.

Cost-effective production and supply of only high quality products based on continuous development and building up the intellectual and production potential of the enterprise.

Implementation of the principles of quality management in the activities of the enterprise.

Professional development of personnel, improvement of the corporate culture of quality at the enterprise.

Communication to potential Consumers and Partners of the Quality Policy.

Ways to achieve the goals:

  • Enterprise management based on continuous analysis of performance results, optimal distribution of the necessary resources and improvement of the implemented quality management system.
  • Individual approach to the needs of the Consumers, based on the analysis, accounting and evaluation of their requirements and expectations.
  • Strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.
  • Determination and bringing to the attention of the personnel of responsibility and authority, as well as the development of information exchange processes within the framework of an automated enterprise management system.
  • Creation of safe working conditions, social protection, continuous improvement of the competence of each employee of the enterprise.

Assuming responsibility for the implementation of this policy, the management of the company undertakes:

  • Develop the implemented quality management system in accordance with requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.

  • Allocate the necessary funds and resources to achieve the set goals.
  • Increase the degree of satisfaction of parties interested in the work of the enterprise.