Quaity for us is constant improvement and development of all activities, business processes and procedures aiming to overcome expectations of our customers

Quality management system is implemented it the company and is constantly improved. It’s aim is to provide results of the main activities of the company, their analysis and improvement.

Quality management system covers all process’ in enterprise structure, including design, development, production and supply of machinebuilding equipment.

Quality management system allows to organize direct connection between company divisions and improve business processes from supplement to shipment of a product.

Quality control – providing of accurate measurements on all stages of production

Operational control is implemented at the enterprise. It includes control on all stages of production, including incoming control, intermediate control, and control of ready product before shipment. Quality control is performed according to design, technological requests and standards.

In order to provide quality control, the following departments operate:

— Quality control department  – measurements during incoming control, intermediate control, and control of ready product. Visual inspection of weld joints. Specialists are certified according ISO 9712:2012, VT qualification level II, also НПАОП qualification level II.

— Manufacturing control laboratory is certified according to СОУ-Н ІПР 03.120-002:2015 “rules  for measurement and testing laboratories and calibrating divisions of companies and organizations of the System of Ministry of Economic development and trade of Ukraine “Industrial registry”.  Manufacturing control laboratory provides chemical composition control, non-destructive inspection, destructive testing, hardness definition and metallographic analysis.

— Dimension control laboratory competence is approved by certificate No.26416904-26/4-15-ВЛ dtd. 07.10.2020 of  measuring abilities and competence metrological confirmation according to СОУ-Н 74.9-26416904-001:2016 ВСП «НТЦ МВД» Донниичермет «Rules of metrological confirmation of measuring abilities and competence of divisions and companies». Laboratory provides precise measurements of complicated products and also approvement of tools and machining equipment.

Certification – to meet the requirements of modern European standards

We are not stopping on the achieved and claim the new aims. From 2011 quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001. At the moment our enterprise has the certificate ISO 9001:2015, valid till 16.02.2024.

In 2020 welders were certified according to ISO 9606-1 and welding procedures were certified according to ISO 15614-1.

Nowdays the enterprise fulfills the requirements of DIN EN ISO 3834-2. Certificate is valid till 02.11.2022.

Quality management system is constantly improved: new equipment is acquired, new researches are underway, technological processes are improved. Risk analysis is held with implementation activities for it reduction. Business processes are automated.