Slag pot car is intended for receiving the molten slag from the blast furnace and conveying it to slag dump or to granulation plant. The slag pot car is moved along the railway tracks by railway hauling equipment.

Technical specification:

Slag pot car base, mm4250
Pot tilting angle, deg118
Tilting time, sec90
Tilting drive typecylindrical sector gear
Gearbox ratio595
Total tilting mechanism ratio4598
Tilting drive power, kW15
Brake typeТК-200
Pot capacity, m316
Carriage base, mm1300
Wheel diameter, mm840
Wheel gauge, mm1435/1520*
Axle load, Max., kN400
Traveling speed, km/h15
Radius of railway track curve, Min., m75
Tilting drive typeelectromechanic
Total weight, kg42 500

*gauge may be specified by the customer

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