Mining roadheader is a heavy-duty machine designed for horizontal and inclined mines up to ±12 ° with a cross-section from 12.5 m2 clear to 38 m2 in driving along mixed and pure-breed faces, with a breaking strength of rocks up to 120 MPa (f=8) and abrasiveness up to 18 mg in mines hazardous for gas (methane) and coal dust, as well as during the construction of tunnels for various purposes. The design features of the combine, as well as its significant weight, make it possible to fully use its large cutting force. Control in the basic model is carried out from the driver’s workplace.

Technical specification:

Upper breaking strength of rocks, MPa120
Abrasiveness of rocks, mg10-18 (siltstone)
18-30 (sandstone)
Cutting performance, m3/min, min:
– σс=120 MPa0.2
– σс=100 MPa0.35
– σс=80 MPа0.5
Max cross-section of working in the span of the boom from one installation (in penetration), m238
Range of inclination angles of the workings being carried out, degrees±12
Total rated power of the combine’s electric motors (without a loader), kW, max360
Combine weight (without loader), t75
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