For quality control of incoming billets, control during production and control of ready products at the enterprise is a manufacturing control laboratory. Main duties of this laboratory are:

Control of the chemical composition

Spectroscopic definition of chemical composition of iron and copper based alloys. Device: Plasma emission spectrometer «Аргон-5 СФ».

Non-destructive inspection

For detection of internal defects without destruction ultrasonic examination is applied. Enterprise is equipped with portable ultrasonic flaw detectors УД 2-70, УД4-76.

For detection of the surface defects magnetic particle examination (portable flaw detector МАГЭКС-3) and liquid penetrant test are applied.

Hardness definition

Devices are designed for definition of metals and alloys:

  • Rockwell method – 2140 ТР
  • Brinell method – ТБ 5004
  • Micro Vickers – NOVOTEST TC-МКВ1
Destructive inspection

Definition of mechanical properties (tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, contraction, impact strength)  during incoming inspection or after heat treatment. Pendulum impact tester ИО5003-0,3 (300J) and tensile testing machine Р-20.

Metallographic analysis

To study micro and macro structure of steels and alloys and to perform full metallographic analysis laboratory is equipped with microscope МИМ-7, binocular microscope XS-6320. Double circular grinding-and-polishing machine “BAINPOL VTD-10” is applied for sample preparation. For pressing in small samples is applied hand pressing machine “UIT METMOUNT 300-45”.

All the above-mentioned equipment is subjected to annual verification.

Specialists were studied and certified according to ISO 9712:2012.

Laboratory is certified according to certification rules  for measurement and testing laboratories and calibrating divisions of companies and organizations of the System of Ministry of Economic development and trade of Ukraine «Industrial registry» СОУ-Н IПР 03.120-002:2015