Enterprise provides services of laboratorial research of metals and alloys and geometrical properties of products.

Laboratory is capable to provide the following research:

  • Definition of chemical composition of iron and copper based alloys;
  • Nondestructive inspection (definition of hidden internal defects by means of ultrasonic examination);
  • Definition of metals and alloys hardness;
  • Destructive inspection (definition of mechanical properties);
  • Metallographic analysis (research of micro and macro structure of metals and alloys);
  • Performing measurements of details and instruments;
  • Adjusting of test benches and technological equipment.

Researches are provided by two certified laboratories:

  • Manufacturing control laboratory is certified according to СОУ-Н ІПР 03.120-002:2015 “rules  for measurement and testing laboratories and calibrating divisions of companies and organizations of the System of Ministry of Economic development and trade of Ukraine “Industrial registry”.
  • Dimension control laboratory is certified according to СОУ-Н 74.9-26416904-001:2016 ВСП “НТЦ МВД” Донниичермет “Rules of metrological confirmation of measuring abilities and competence of divisions and companies”.