Special attention is paid to development of heat treatment section. In last few years was purchased and put in service new unique equipment, modernized existing equipment, applied new progressive technological process.

Quality control of heat treated details and mechanical properties are performed by Manufacturing control laboratory.

Section is equipped with gas carburizing complex Uttis, which consist of gas carburizing furnace, endogas generator and quenching bath. Furnace capacity is diam. 800 mm, height 1800 mm, carrying capacity 1500 kg. Quenching bath is equipped with cooling and heating of quenching medium. Applied liquid is AQUACOOL polymer. Treated steels are: 20, 20Х, 20ХН3А, 18ХГТ, 25ХГТ, 20Х2Н4А. Also complex is applied for scale-free hardening.

Teat treatment section possesses high power and performance. This allows to produce het treatment to products of different shapes, dimensions and weight, from few kilos to dozens of tons.

Furnaces are equipped with computer control and registration system of all technological modes and types of heat treatment.

Now heat treatment section possesses all the possibilities to fulfill internal production requirements and perform new orders.