On the enterprise is created a dimension control laboratory, which performs following duties:

  • Performing of precise and complicated measurements of details and tools, including the following:
    • Control of cylindrical gears conformity to DSTU ISO 1328-1:2015, DSTU ISO 1328-2:2015,DIN 3962:1978/VDI, ISO 4156-1:2005, AGMA 2000-A88:1988, ANSI-AGMA-2015-1-A01, ANSI B92.1:1970, JIS 1702-1/2:1998.
    • Control of bevel gears with circular tooth conformity to GOST 1758-81,ISO 17485, DIN 3965, AGMA 2009-A98, AGMA 390.03a, JIS B1704-2010.
    • Control of hobbing cutter conformity to DIN 3968.
  • Performing machining facilities accuracy testing.
  • Adjusting of test benches and technological equipment.
Laboratory equipment

Coordinate measurement machine

Manufacturer: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Model: GLOBAL S GREEN 09.12.08

Measuring range:

axis Х 0-900 mm,
axis Y 0-1200 mm,
axis Z 0-800 mm

Measurement inaccuracy: Δ=±(1,8+L/333) micron

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Portable coordinate measurement machine

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Model: Romer 7525

Measuring range: 0-2500 mm

Measurement inaccuracy: Δ=± 0,029 mm

Measuring complex EasyLaser

Measuring range: 0-40 m

Measurement inaccuracy: Δ=± 10 micron

Laboratory competence is approved by certificate No.26416904-26/4-15-ВЛ dtd. 07.10.2020 of measuring abilities and competence metrological confirmation according to СОУ-Н 74.9-26416904-001:2016 ВСП «НТЦ МВД» Донниичермет «Rules of metrological confirmation of measuring abilities and competence of divisions and companies».